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Thread: Montana Sampler 2006 with David Armocido

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    Default Montana Sampler 2006 with David Armocido

    For years David has taken a small group, three anglers, to Montana which he is very familiar with because he is a school teacher and fishers there every summer. Here is his message about the trip for this year.

    "This year's Montana Sampler will be from July 18th to July 23rd. We will float three different sections of the Madison River; 19th, 21st, and the 23rd. On the 20th and 22nd we will wade fish two different rivers in the area. Once again we will stay at the Rainbow Valley Motel in Ennis or rent a house on O'Dell Spring Creek. Presently, I have one spot filled which leaves room for two anglers. The cost includes your room, guide fees, flies, travel on the 19th through the 23rd., lunch, water, soda, and goodies each day, and dinner on the 18th. You will need to get to and from Ennis, provide breakfast and dinner, and fishing license. The cost of the trip will be $1100.00 per person with a maximum of three anglers. Please contact David Armocido 530-906-5848 if interested."

    I have had lots of friends go with David on this trip and it is a winner.
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    Default Montana Sampler

    Two people have already signed up, this leaves only one spot available for the week. If you are not hooked up with anyone this would be a great opportunity to meet new fisherman and experience a wonderful fishing trip. You will be tired at the end of these five days of fishing! David

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    Default Southwestern Montana Sampler

    The trip filled this morning with the last angler signing up from Nebraska. If you would like to plan for this trip next year I will be spending a Saturday at Kiene's in March to answer any questions you may have about the trip or fishing Montana in general. I will also answer any questions concerning the trip to Rainbow Lodge, BC this July 19th - 25th.


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