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    Seems like there is a lot happening out there right now. This time of year there is a sense that it is going to get cold very soon and you need to get what you can while the getting is good. I expect by Xmas it will all feel pretty shutdown and I will be moping around thinking about spring bass or a miracle winter steelhead. Until then I need to try to catch some fish. I still have my fingers crossed for a big striper. I also have my fingers crossed for a lobster. A friend of mine seems to know where they hide. We will see if we can get out there and lure a few into our trap and then cook them up.

    I fished another day earlier this week for Valley steelhead. Fish were caught, fish were lost, pictures were taken and good times were had. We found some fish sipping mayflies in the slow water in the afternoon and were able to fool a few of them. That was a new fall steelhead thing for me. I could do that again for sure. There is nothing like the suspense of a tiny dry fly drifting slowly over the known location of a big sipping fish. Good stuff.

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    Great photos John! Beautiful fish--the living ones anyway.


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    There are steelhead, salmon and resident Rainbow trout in many of the Valley rivers at the first dam and below.

    Nice post and pictures John.
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