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Thread: Heenan opener

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodman View Post
    Isn't Heenan open every day during the open season?
    "Maybe they will add some weekdays to the Heenan schedule."
    So, John H the answer is they did!!!!
    I was just searching the archives and found:

    and I got my ass chewed for enlightening folks about the change.

    Time for me to take down the raft in the garage and dust it off.
    Dang cutthroats..............................


    late edit..............................yeah, all of this fishing info is all well and good but I stand and salute you Scott V on your'll find that you'll be doing a lot more than fishing ( a.k.a. chores around the house) from now forward but, make/reserve time for "fishing". you gotta' keep the 'ol thinker cleared out and healthy.
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    I see they did change the schedule. I guess when you have not been there for 30 years some things change. I ran into guide at the McCloud in about 1989 and he had a brochure with some Heenan pictures. I was impressed with the size of the trout and got up myself up there soon after that. I went for a few years and then got into doing other things.


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