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Thread: Christmas Island is open

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    Default Christmas Island is open

    Aloha, just got back from Christmas Island. My friend Ron got a GT on his first cast. Things looked pretty promising. The bonefishing was the best I have experienced. Lots of hungry big bones with an average size of 4 lbs. The locals ate milkfish and mullet during lockdown so it is pretty easy to spot the bones on the flats. Offshore was terrible with 8 tuna boats working. We did enjoy the jig fishing with many nice snapper and reef fish for dinner. We stayed at Lagoon View and the staff and food were great. The showers were great actual pressure!

    We fished the lagoon and had our best day on the ocean side flats. So on the last day we decided to head back to the Korean wreck. It was great fishing but we discovered after lunch that the car battery died. So we decided to wait in the shade and fished the outgoing tide. We watched the sunset and all considered what would happen if we had to stay another week. The moonlight on the water was beautiful and we could see the Southern Cross. The crabs started to come out and the ground came alive with hermit crabs everywhere. Finally, at 8:30pm a car from the lodge came to rescue us. We made it back at 11:00pm had a late dinner and then woke up at 3:00am to head off to the airport. It was a great adventure and awesome to be back. The guides and bonefish were happy to have us back. I am home and tired but off to fish for big Ahi tomorrow. Sorry you will have to look at all the pictures, but that is the only way I can post them. Mems.
    Don Memmer

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    Fantastic post and great photos Mems. Thanks.

    Christmas Island should be on everyone's Bucket List and is one of the most amazing life experiences.

    Many go there every year, some more than once a year.
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    Good fishing down at the end of the island by the looks of those quality Bonefish Mems,and while it's a big day out it's one of my favourite spots.The sea runner fish there are stronger than the lagoon fish.Unfortunately I haven't had it good there for a few years as the tides were wrong and too much water in close made it impossible to wade out.I hope to remedy that in a week or two and enjoy my traditional fortnight on the island for the first time in four years.


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