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Thread: Figured id give you the McCloud report

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    Default Figured id give you the McCloud report

    I was the poster on the previous thread about road closures, figured Id share for you all.

    I drove up on Memorial day weekend (Sat) and hiked in from the Dam to Ad Di Na. I got up there around mid afternoon, the road is now closed at the top of the dam. I attempted to walk down only to get yelled at from a distance from a general contractor at the dam, who when I walked over to discuss was told because of the construction on the road was going on, I could not get through. Note, no dam work has started yet, but was told that starts first week of June.

    I came back then later in the day, the construction was over, and hiked to Ad Di Na and spend 2 nights dispersed camping there. The campground is closed, but the road is open. I saw 2 other cars that made the trip down. The campground is closed, there are trees down in the campground it needs a cleanup.

    The trail from Ash - to Ad Di Na was clear.

    I also spend a day fishing the preserve, there was no one at the trailkeeper cabin, and none of the tags were taken. I did not see anyone else fishing anywhere for those two days. There were some trees down on the lower part of that trail, so I did not get down to the far end.

    How was the fishing? Not great, but I had that expectation. Flows were 450cfs, the turbidity was worse that I had expected, there were very few spots fishable and maybe the first can see 3-5in in front of their eyes.

    On my way out, I was surprised they were still working on the road on memorial day, but I didnt get yelled at, just told to let the construction trucks the right of way on my way out.

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    Thanks Kutty.....

    I am sure many appreciate your scouting and great reporting too.
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    Yes, thanks for giving us an update. I do appreciate it.


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