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Thread: Pyramid last week - report

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    Default Pyramid last week - report

    My only trip to Pyramid this year was last Fri-Sun.

    Had 1/2 day guided trip on Fri and got really lucky, landed 14 in the am and another 4 to the new myself in the pm.

    The Sat was really tough for me, only landed 1 and didn’t get much action although there were some fish being caught close by. I didn’t make the adjustments needed to get more interest, flies and depth. Lesson learned (again).

    Sun I had 7 to the net before had to leave at 10am.

    Had a blast. No big fish but that’s relative and as a newbie to this place, I’m still stunned by those fish.

    I typically like to have solitude when I’m fishing but actually really enjoyed the social aspect, other anglers I met were v friendly.

    Those fish get a ton of pressure, pretty remarkable fishery.

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    Very exciting report..........................what size were some of these fish?
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    Bill I was lucky to hit it at right time.
    2 of the 3 days the fishing was really good, albeit I only had a few hours on the last day.
    The fish were not big by those standards, 4-7 lbs.
    I saw some v large fish and connected with one that I never saw that took bunch of line.
    Word was the large fish are more interested in spawn related activity…
    Regardless really good trip.
    My guide for 1/2 day was Mike Curtis, v good and good guy.

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    Photos or it didn’t happen…
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