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Thread: Made it to Ash Camp today (almost)

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    Thats interesting. Here is a satellite image from 4/21. Looks pretty snow free on the south facing slopes.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes, I got a few emails from the conservancy about the road conditions. Here's one I got this morning..
    "Hello all,
    I am reaching out to inform you that we are experiencing delays in opening the preserve due to road conditions. At best, we are likely still 10 days out from access, worst case scenario is 3 weeks out. There is still a large amount of snow and fallen debris to contend with on the road. In addition, the river is currently experiencing high turbidity. We anticipate opening fully by the end of May. Please contact USFS for further road updates. We will continue to reach out given any changes.
    Thanks for your patience."

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    Default McCloud off color

    Yep, as I was sorta expecting, word is that the McCloud at Ash Camp has gone off color by a bunch.

    Did not get a detail visibility report but it is poor.
    It sounds like visibility is in inches not feet.

    Report is it started going off color last Sunday.
    At least one group that was scheduled for the McCloud this week-end switched to Hat Creek.

    Snowed this morning in the town of McCloud.
    Been cold and rainy all day here in Dunsmuir.
    Upper Sac is dropping cause the snow melt slowed down.
    But it is gonna warm up a bunch next week so I don't know if it will get to
    a below 2000 number where fishing it is (a little) easier.


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