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Thread: Boat Recommendations for Lower A, Yuba and Lower Sac?

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    Tcorfey, thanks for your comments. I have an SUV that can tow, but I was thinking of transporting the deflated pontoons inside, and the frame on the roof. My friend who owns one even transports the fully inflated & assembled version on his roof. To me the biggest drawback is being unable to maneuver the boat and fish at the same time, as you can with the flipper-style ones. Then I discovered this Dave Scadden option where you can do both: stand and fish, or sit and fish while using flippers:

    we deliver the river

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    One true fact in all this is as soon as you get anything to float you, it will open up an entirely new fly fishing world.

    We started in the 1960s with old round doughnut-style canvas-covered truck innertubes called float tubes.

    Then in the 1970s round float tubes kept getting bigger and better with Cordura skins.

    Then came the far more convenient V-boats and U-boats.

    Next, for still water, many went to 8 and 10 foot prams with oars, electric motors and small outboard motors.

    The pontoon boats were popular for lakes and rivers and still are a great option.

    Canoes were always around and then kayaks took over and now some are using Stand Up Paddleboards.

    I really like a 14-15 foot wider Jon boat on a trailer with a new small four-stroke outboard, bow-mounted electric and oars.

    This is a very practical boat for small, calmer water for two anglers.$15,000

    After that many have been using a 16-17 foot Jon boat on a trailer with a tiller outboard jet, bow-mounted electric and long oars.

    This boat is a very popular choice and compromise for lakes, the delta and our rocky rivers. $20,000

    Drift boats are popular for "moving water/rivers/streams" for trout, Steelhead, Stripers and Shad.

    In Montana, you will even see them on lakes, fly fishing for trout.

    Then you have some using bass boats in the Delta and reservoirs for bass, trout and Stripers.

    Today many have serious 17-20 foot aluminum or fiberglass fishing outboard skiffs with decks front and rear.

    These boats are good for reservoirs, the Delta, Bays and inshore saltwater.

    If you need any help designing or choosing a flotation devise, just go into Kiene's on the weekend and talk with Andy Guibord.
    Bill Kiene (Boca Grande)

    567 Barber Street
    Sebastian, Florida 32958

    Fly Fishing Travel Consultant
    Certified FFF Casting Instructor

    Cell: 530/753-5267

    Contact me for any reason........

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    Scadden has some pretty nice ideas, just have to be patient on parts and returns as they are a small shop.


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