This is a used TFO Axiom II 8wt. in very good condition. It is a good all-around rod for striped bass, bonefish, bass, etc. The rod retails for $379.95. Link to rod details:

The rod has seen light to moderate use (a few light scratches and a little wear on the handle). It comes complete with the original tube and rod sock (both in excellent condition).

About this Mojo – I purchased this rod from Lefty Kreh’s Estate in 2018. It appeared to be in new, never fished condition when received, and had come from Lefty’s rod collection. As for the mojo, the rod made me smile when I put it in my hand the first time. And, it caught a striper on its first cast. If the new owner would like to have it, I can include the paperwork to show its origin.

$250.00 - with local pickup in Sacramento area

Plus $25.00 for shipping to CONUS, if needed
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