In the 1960s my uncle Dean and my cousin flew from San Diego to Sacramento in their Cessna 172 to pick up me and my dad.

We flew to the Gold Beach airstrip near the mouth of the Rogue river and stayed at the famous Jot's Resort for a week of fishing.

I got the 'skinny' about fly fishing the lower Rouge river for Half-pounders from veteran fly fisher Chuck Campana.

One cool morning we were at the riffle at Lobster Creek and we heard a motor, roaring loudly, coming up the river from downstream.

Soon an aluminum boat sped into sight and started to slow some for the riffle where we were standing.

In the ~17' boat were two old timers with pure white hair who waved at us and then turned to "jump" that riffle.

After going up a large elevation change they straightened the boat and "lit it up" like a fuel dragster, headed up the canyon.

Being a fly fisher and a hot rodder it was a special thing for me to witness.