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Thread: Lawn mower and fertilizer

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    Default Lawn mower and fertilizer

    Totally non-fly fishing but none the less I think it's pretty cool.

    We live in the extreme north side of Carson City just to the south of Washoe Lake/Washoe Valley.

    There is a fairly large herd of "wild horses" that gather around Washoe lake this time of the year and some of the more "seasoned" horses will sometimes make their way over the small nearby pass and graze upon the front lawns in our suburban neighborhood yards. In the 5 plus years we've lived here we haven't been visited by these wild guys till this morning.
    The wife was ecstatic when these two showed up to do some lawn mowing and fertilizing early this morning.
    In her pre-teen years she owned a "wild horse" and did the barrel racing and horse show thing and has a fondness for all horses in general, so this morning's up close and personal visit was very exciting for her.

    I just gotta' get them trained to edge the driveway and sidewalk, then use the leaf blower to tidy things up afterward.

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    I wonder if they'd hit a well presented carrot nymph ????
    Dang Poop machines !!!!!!!!!!!


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    Tejas !!


    If they only had thumbs right?

    Very cool man !

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    That is crazy. Horses grazing in your front yard. Wild West up there in Carson City. All I get at my house is rats, squirrels, opossums and raccoons and they all like grazing on my fruit.


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