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Thread: New GLoomis NRX fly rod

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    Default New GLoomis NRX fly rod

    I just received my new LOOMIS NRX fly rod in the Mail, and WOW it's a beauty. My old NRX wasn't the NRX PLUS and the newer one is a little more stiff and should have more back bone


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    Thanks Carl

    In 1982 G.Loomis Rod Company was started by the amazing Gary Loomis with a top team to help him.

    They make all kinds of fishing rods, like Fenwick, from fly to spinning to conventional.

    Steve and Tim Rajeff were part of his 'A Team' who made some of the top fishing rods of all time.

    Gary and Tim left the company after it was sold but not sure if Steve is still there or not?

    Back then G.Loomis chose to be with Cabelas mostly and together were very successful.

    Then after seeing the blooming of fly shops in the 1970s and 1980s G.Loomis started opening fly shop dealers.

    Sage and G.Loomis were always in a fierce battle for the top spot in fly rod design and production.

    There is a lot that as gone on behind the scenes in our industry that most will never hear about.
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