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Thread: June fly fishing trip to Wyoming

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    Default June fly fishing trip to Wyoming

    One of my good fishing buddies and I are both retiring at the beginning of 2023! To celebrate this, we are going to do a 3 week SUV camping/ fly fishing trip to Southwestern Wyoming in June. Basically fishing and enjoying a cold one until we drop.

    I got to say, Drew and his Lookin Fishy videos on Utube were a welcome surprise to give us a preamble to what it would be like, as he did almost an identical trip last summer . Between the Pinedale, Meeteetse, Thermopolis and Riverton areas there is just so much fishing. We plan to do 5-6 drifts on the legendary rivers and pound a bunch of the smaller streamers in between.

    We have fished extensively in Montana over the last 15 years, and I hit Southeastern Wyoming last year. It looks like if you stay in BLM and US Forests-and Parks, the stream access is much better with the more restrictive stream access laws in Wyoming. We are planning to miss the crowds up in the main Yellowstone area.

    Anyone have any info to pass along, we are all ears.


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    That sounds awesome. Go all out and take some pictures.

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    Buy a rez pass.

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    Congrats on the retirement...I'm about a year behind you. Good shout out to Drew, that's who I want to be when I grow up. Wyoming is an area I have never made it to, but it will be on my list when my time frees up.


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