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Thread: American River steelhead count from the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Kiene semi-retired View Post
    While I was going to college in the 1960s studying fisheries I worked nights at the Hunts cannery in Davis, California.

    There I met a chunky, balding old man who wore overalls and was actually a real "British Commando" in World War II.

    During our lunch hours and breaks with his heavy British accent he told me stories about the war that only he could have known about.

    From my time spent with this great man I started using the word "Commando" for all extremely serious and driven people.

    I am not a "Commando" but just a historian of sorts who has spent his life gathering info on fly fishing to share with others.

    After 50 years in fishing tackle retail in Sacramento I have thousands of stories about the people I met and fished with.
    That's really NEATO! I love reading your historical narratives of fishing in California, and our Valley in particular. Even the story just recanted about the bloke who fought in WWII is really cool. What an amazing life you have had and continue to have. All of the people whose lives you have touched and continue to enrich with your fishing connections and knowledge is amazing. The fact that you've remembered and appreciated so many friends along the way and that you're always on the right side of conservation as well as conversation is testament to the man that you are. You're also the primary reason I (a gear guy) got involved with this fly fishing board in the first place. You're wrong about one thing though Bill... You're not just 'Boca Grande'... you are most definitely of COMMANDO STATUS! Thanks for being here and for being you

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    Nice......thanks STEELIES/26c3

    I started Steelheading in the Fall (1960) drifting night crawlers at Howe and Watt areas as a teenager.

    Use to build my own fiberglass rods of all types with the help of the Edwoldt tackle shop staff.

    All anglers are in a big family of men, women and children who have that "fishing bug" deep inside them.
    Bill Kiene (Boca Grande)

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    Contact me for any reason........


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