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Thread: Sage 4280 spool

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    Default Sage 4280 spool

    I'm in search of a spool in any color for a Sage 4280. If anyone is aware of where I can find one or someone is selling one, please let me know. Thanks

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    As I have advised in the past is the fact that it is usually easier to find and just buy another entire reel.

    Then you have a spare frame and lots of extra parts too.


    Here is the reality: In the past 30 plus years with the onset of indicators, extra spool sale went down 90%.

    Many trout fishers in streams, river and lakes only fish with indicators so there is little need for extra spools.

    Sales of full sinking fly lines for still water (lakes) has died too.

    30 years ago serious lake fly fishers would have a full set of full length fly lines.

    Many fished from boats so they had 2 to 4 complete outfits set up.

    Weight forward floating

    Weight forward true very slow sinking Intermediate (not transparent) line.

    Weight forward clear or semi-clear slow sinking line.

    Weight forward fast sinking line (type 3)

    Weight forward very fast sinking line (type 4-6)

    Looped 30' shooting heads and integrated full length sink-tip lines are not very "popular" in still water fisheries.

    Nobody wants the shooting head lops clanking through the guides as you strip in you bug.

    Full length integrated sink-tip line have a "hinge" fishing them in still water that makes the strike harder to perceive.

    Most would not know about these changes unless they had a fly shop or worked in one.
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