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Thread: Agency/Klamath Lake

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    Quote Originally Posted by WLREDBAND View Post
    Just to be clear, my comment about keyboard warriors was directed at no one in particular, but based on the general tone of this thread (and one I see repeated frequently here) about how fishing today sucks. I guess I shouldn't complain, because the negativity probably helps keep many from my local north state waters, but just for those in the know, there is still good fishing to be had if you actually get out there and try. Get on out there and make reports, don't wait for reports, you can't catch them from your computer!
    I'm just glad the fish I catch up here in the north state didn't get the memo.
    And just to brag a little more, here's a beauty recently caught up here in God's country! Yep, on the fly to boot! And what a hoot it was!
    That must have been a hell of a battle Redband. We're in agreement on the doom and gloom. I'm glad I'm able to fish as much as I do and there's still a ton of great opportunity out there.

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    Looks like the mouth of Harriman cr. The bay fished great today, 33 in the net with one just a hair over 10 lbs.


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