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First...........Thanks for the Pyramid report.

Wow !!!!! Quite the sighting you had there J !!!!!

I've only had one unexplained anomoly at Pyramid.........It was on my last Pyramid trip 1/12/22.

Board member Klaashutter (from Idaho) and I were chatting on the beach at Wino in the late afternoon, and we witnessed a set of waves come into the cove on the extreme southern end of the beach.

This picture is "borrowed" from the internet, and is similar to what we saw and is NOT of the actual event we witnessed.

It was late afternoon, there were NO boats on the lake, the wind was NOT blowing from either end(s) of the lake, and the surface was VERY flat as far as one could see.
The small set of the rollers appeared from the east/southeast side and middle of the lake and developed into the Square Waves (as in the picture above) in the cove and ONLY in the cove.

We chatted for a minute or so about the "square wave phenomena" we just saw, and my thoughts at the time were there may have been an earthquake nearby as to the cause.

Peculiar enough, the "Square Waves" ONLY happened on the beach, in the cove.

Just this morning I did a quick date check search for earthquake events on Janurary 12, 2022 and found none had occurred nearby on that time and date.

So, l'm not sure as to how or why these "Square Waves" Klaas and I saw, originated or were created.

And as a side note, I use to race beach catamaran sailboats (in my past life) anywhere from Victoria Canada down thru San Diego and many lakes/reservoirs in between and have NEVER seen this phenomena.
Because of that, I'm still very attentive to wind and wave patterns on any waters I'm on, near, or around.

Maybe your "sighting" and my "sighting" are related in some way, shape, or form, but I know what I saw and still have no explaination as to the cause.

Just a "little something" to share regarding Pyramid.

Dang "unexplained events" ...........................

Rogue waves are fairly common on large, windswept lakes (Tahoe has them frequently). The surface may be calm but strong underwater currents can remain for days. When deflecting off some sort of contour, or when colliding with an opposing current, they can ascend and cause surface waves. The Edmund Fitzgerald of Gordon Lightfoot fame was hit by a trio of giant rogue waves that seemingly came from nowhere. https://www.seagrant.wisc.edu/news/w...he-fitzgerald/