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Thread: Crazy fish story

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    Default Crazy fish story

    Aloha, went offshore yesterday and got this 60lb ahi but it was a great fishing story. We hit an illegal buoy and were the first ones there, but another boat was also looking so we shared it. Got some small 5lb ahi and then saw some mahi so got 7 of those. the other boat took off and I had a chunk of ahi in a chum slick when a big fish hit. It took off slow and went straight down. I told Eric I thought is was a shark, but he said he thought is was an ahi. I fought it for an hour on a shimano trevella conventional rod with 60lb leader and 50lb main line. Battle went on for an hour and we drifted a mile off the buoy when it cam up to the boat and it was an 8foot 500lb oceanic white tip. We cut the line and I re rigged. My arms were burning. We went back to the buoy and all the fish came up. Eric threw out some bait and said big ahi, and the fish took off. Eric had hurt his wrist the day before so he handed the rod to me and there I was locked into another big fish. But I could feel the tail thump of a tuna and was determined to ignore my sore arms. I fought it for 45 minutes and could see deep color on the fish, when all of a sudden it shot to the surface. we looked out and saw a 600lb blue marlin chasing it. The ahi hid under the boat and we lifted the legs. I thought the fish was stuck, but it was tail wrapped and I leadered it up to the boat. The marlin was heading for it with an open mouth. I told Eric to gaff it and he did in the tail but we yanked it on board just in time. The marlin swam around the boat so I put a dead small ahi on a hook and threw it out, but the marlin only looked at it and then swam away.

    Here is the moon set. Yes the fish hit during the full moon and during a 4 fish time on my Casio watch which was 11:30am. So yeah I do believe in solar/lunar tables. Lots of sashimi! Hope you all have a great season. Mems.
    Don Memmer

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    That was quite a day. I bet Eric enjoyed the show of you struggling with both of those big fish and forgot about his wrist.
    That marlin obviously wanted a big lively bait. Glad you got that ahi in before he took it.
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    Default Crazy Fish Story....

    WOW!!! If that Marlin had hooked up, you'd still be on it....
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