When ever I am in the presence of a top fly fisher or a top fly fishing guide I am asking them a series of questions.

I do it in a way that does not upset anyone. I have been doing this daily for over 50 years. Everyone like to talk about their fishing.

Many of these questions I already have pretty good answer for but my quest is to know what they think too.

You can't have an ego and still learn.

Even if I go out yearly with a certain guide, I will ask them that series of question because what they use can be constantly changing.

I will ask them about timing, tackle choices as well as how their fishery is doing that year.

For instance, if I run into someone who fishes say Putah Creek for hundreds of days a year I will try to find out what they think is the

best months to fish there. Also I will ask the what tackle they like and what technique and flies they use.

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Mike Lawson, Gary LaFontane and