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Thread: Some fly fish year round now......

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    Default Some fly fish year round now......

    When it gets too cold where you live you can go south and fly fish all Winter .

    For a decade now Nor Cal guide and artist Fred Gordon has spent his Winters in New Zealand catching giant trout.

    Years ago famous Nor Cal guide and top fly tier Bob Quigley spent his Winters guiding in Chili for big trout.

    Some go to Argentina to get away from the cold up North and fish for giant trout there too.

    Others will go south to warmer places like Florida and Texas catching LMB and inshore fish like Redfish, Seatrout, etc.

    Some will take trips to tropical destinations like Belize, Christmas Island and the Bahamas for Bonefish and other species.

    There are some Winter trout fishing destinations like Pyramid Lake, Eagle Lake, Balm Lake and Lee's Ferry but it is cold there.

    Where are you going this Winter?
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    Hey Bill, with the fires and low water conditions in the summer here my season starts with the first rains in the fall and ends around June, for the most part. This winter I will be putting my time in on the lower sac and rivers of the north coast. In June I will probably might make another trip to Alaska to see my friend up there and fish for some Kings. If conditions allow I might also make the trip to Oahu for work and stay a little longer for some Bones.

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    One redeeming quality of this state is that we can fish year round. For me the winter is for Steelhead. But, I will mix in trips to the Truckee and maybe bounce over to NV and hit Pyramid for those lil' Cutties. These old legs can't take skiing too many days in a row so I mix in a little fish time! Spring more Pyramid and Truckee area rivers and creeks into the beginnings of summer. I do tend to take most of the summer off. Then, come Fall, options galore! Delta for Stripers, Trinity to swing/skate for Steel, Klamath for Halfies, Truckee area is pretty hot this time of the year also. So many options!!! Though it would be nice if the powers that be quit mucking everything up!

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    Same with me, winter is Steelhead season, with a bit of trout fishing mixed in. After 4 knee surgeries, my skiing days are about done. For this winter, have hit the Feather, the Rogue, will hit the Trinity in a couple of weeks. We will roll the dice and do the OP once again. Talk is that they might go to full closure on the OP next year, but that is just rumor. Would love to hit the coast in January once again, but man, we need more rain up there.

    Throw in a few days on the Truckee and Yuba, a bit of golf, and that should get me to springtime!


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