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Thread: Fall trip to Baja

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    Default Fall trip to Baja

    Just got back from a two week trip to baja. Got to fish two days out of Muertos Bay with my favorite guide Effren.

    Stayed a couple of nights at Hotel Blue, great $4 margaritas on the roof top pool.

    My wife got her first mahi so she was all smiles. We limited out each day on them.

    Highlight for me was this little rooster, a little over gunned on the 12wt.

    Heard of an ahi bite at the sea mount on day 2 only got skippies but saw an 80 and 100lber come over the rail on a couple of other boats.

    dove with Whale sharks, that was awesome.

    And some sealions

    Spent three days surfing at Cerritos

    Ate lots of great food. Fall fishing was great, nice temps, lots of fish around and no other fisherman. Miss the big roosters but if you want a good fall get away it is still a blast. My Mexican host family was great. they treated us like o'hana and even let me whack at a Pez Gallo pinyata for my birthday. Hope you all have a great thanksgiving, Mems.
    Don Memmer

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    Nice report. Regardless of the the size of that little rooster, All rooster's are fun. Carl

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    I surfed Cerritos beach a few years ago. It took me a while to get the hang of it, since the last time I was on a board around age 40, so say some 30+ years. My old knees and bad shoulder couldn't take to many waves. It was fun.
    That captain looks familar and so does that roof top. Can't wait for May and my return to Baja and some hard pulling fish
    Glad you had a good time
    Jay Murakoshi

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    Baja is still one of the best values for salt water fly fishing.

    Everyone who fly fishes in California from a boat is a good candidate for Baja.

    Most use a 10 weight and larger for skiff fishing in the Baja.

    Lots of group trips go down there still......

    Jay Murakoshi and Gary Bulla both fish groups near La Paz in the Spring and Fall.

    Carl Blackledge and many other go to Loreto in the summer months.
    Bill Kiene (Boca Grande)

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