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Thread: Stripers are Back....Maybe

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    Default Stripers are Back....Maybe

    Just before that big rain three weeks ago I thought striper fishing was about to really start happening. It was getting a little better each time out but as much as I was happy for the rain it did not help the striper bite. The water got muddy and where it was clear it seemed like there were no fish to be found. I went out several times and just about every time it was a ride on the struggle bus. Today, however, things took a turn for the better and I found a few good biters. One of them was a fatty and towed the kayak around for quite a while. That was cool. The fish were scattered around and not in a single group so I am thinking there are more out there to be found.

    Hopefully I will see a few more of them in the net before the chill of December shuts down the bite. What I don't want to see is the struggle bus waiting for me in front of my house next time I am heading out to fish. You know it is going to be a bad day when the struggle bus is offering you a complementary ride to the fishing spot of your choice. Don't get on. If I see the bus waiting for me I am going back in the house and right back to bed. Damn bus!

    I also spotted Mike Costello. You know you are on good water when you see Mike Costello prowling around. If you see him watch and learn.

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    Great looking fish John!

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    Inspiring John.......

    If you can, get a boat partner and go out with a half dozen veteran Delta fly fishing guides.

    I know a lot of folks have done this and learned a lot.

    They also made a connection with these great anglers.

    Mike Costello, Maury Hatch, Toby Uppinghouse, Bryce Tedford and Andy Guibord would be on my list.

    Oct/Nov/Dec is a big time for Stripers in the Delta.
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