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Thread: Anyone ever fished the NFAR?

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    Default Anyone ever fished the NFAR?

    I was just thinking and realized that I live pretty close to the NF American along I80, but I've never really heard of any fishing there or even thought about fishing it. Are there any good trout in there? What about hatches? Would it be worth my time to figure out a way down there, or are other rivers gonna be better?


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    Nate, the NF's a great river. Smallies down below Clementine and good trout fishing above for mile after secluded hard to get to mile. It's well worth the effort. Same hatches as other mid level streams. Stones and caddis mostly.
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    Over my long career in the fishing business I met some aggressive fly fishers who went down into many of these canyons on the West slope.

    Steve Rice and his big partner? went down in there fishing the big deep holes with fasting sinking lines.

    Doctor Tom Deeble was another aggressive fly fisher who actually used ropes to get into deep places.

    Eh Wahl was one of those wild men too.

    Not sure if those kind of "Commando" fly fishers still exist?

    Most all those deep canyon of most sterile rock have lots of small Rainbows and few big Browns.

    The Middle Fork of the Feather river was the one of those deep canyons that had some big fish in it.

    I was never in that league......
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    You need to be aware of some well armed miners with claims in those canyons . They have no trouble telling you where you can fish ! Mike

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    For the MFR, The old Jackson creek campground _(1955-1985?) on or about "Flatiron Ridge, ck topo) was a great place for entry/camp.
    Trail down somewhat steep, but will worth the trip. Great water, tough opening day, to high, best last two weeks in June on. Easy Peazy.

    Fish to Sloat, RR tracks @ cemetery XX back to HWY70. If lucky might see some great autos near RR. On way back to camp, refresh at bar with coke (to young for a beer) but the walk wasn't to bad. We usually had some good dinners. Sometimes fresh is good!

    Nelson creek , presented the greatest opportunities, not as good as cleghorn bar, but worthy in my humble opinion. I seriously doubt any of these areas are fishable (sp) for the next decade! The forest fires and continued underfunded CA DF&G .

    Speaking of Forest Fires, I don't have a clue as to what parts of the Trinity, Klamath and tribs are available to fish since the debris will flow west. We have actually centered our time on the northwest part of the state like the Smith, etc and southern Oregon. We generally stay in Brookings or Hiouchi . Hiouchi is a sentimental favorite for thanksgiving and big fish!!

    Never was much of a fisher, always had to have a last cast, and it seemed it went on forever, but fun.

    regards, gene

    The Rubicon river used to be a interesting proposition out of Murray Camp,did involve some walking 4.5 mi -5 , leave a snack for return trip at obvious midpoint. Used to be great fishing (Parsley Bar) up to Hell Hole canyon( NO Res then), prior to res. breaking out in late 70's-80? Same storm destroyed resort above Murray Camp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natekursow View Post
    I live pretty close to the NF American. . . Would it be worth my time to figure out a way down there, or are other rivers gonna be better?
    I've been down the NF many times. Gone down from Royal Gorge, Alta, Weimar, and up from Clementine. Tough scrambling and mixed rope work at the upper reaches. Go for the adventure, beauty, and solitude but bring a fishing rod for sure! The fish are mostly small bows (you can catch basically the same fish next the road on the NF Yuba near Sierra City if you don't want to combat fish). From Clementine to the confluence is a mix of trout and smallies.

    IMHO the MF of the American is a far more productive fishery.


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