Lucky Lloyd is a great fishing name. If your name is Lucky you probably get some fish. I found a 1978 Field and Stream article that talked about fishing with Lucky in the late 50’s. He took six rods rigged with poppers because he did not like to retie when he was fishing. Apparently he was from the Midwest and was born back in the 1890’s and broke his wrist falling from a grain elevator. The wrist did not heal properly but he could still fish and tie just fine. Tying must have been much different in his day. It was pretty much fur and feathers and you did not have the materials we have to work with today or YouTube for tying lessons. I think bass fishing at Clear Lake was different prior to the introduction of the Florida strain. A lot of fish but not the size there is now. Interesting stuff.

If you are thinking of selling a Lucky Lloyd popper I would love to have one.