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Thread: Fall River inquiry

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    Default Fall River inquiry

    I heard through the grapevine the fish & game folks were going to keep Fall River open all year to all fishing. Anyone know the time line? (when/what/who/etc.)

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    Default maybe this?

    DFW is proposing sweeping changes to the Trout Regs under the "Inland Trout Angling Regulation Simplification"

    I am not convinced that it is really a "Simplification" because it seems to me that it increases the number of different regulations

    (such as 10 different season start and end dates depending on what water you are talking about)

    I have not kept up with the status of the proposed changes, maybe someone else knows?

    "edit -- this article says they have approved the changes:"

    Also just a quick looks suggests that the proposed season for Fall River is

    "Saturday preceding Memorial Day through September 30"

    so maybe this is not what you are hearing about?

    edit- oops, sorry mis-read new "simpler" regs
    looks like Fall River will be open year-round
    just with separate take rules

    Saturday preceding Memorial Day through September 30 2 trout, artificial lures (F3)

    October 1 through the Friday preceding Memorial Day 0 trout, artificial lures with barbless hooks (I6)
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