Hello everyone! I do hope that all is well, and that you and your family are staying safe.

What an incredible year that we have had…..My wife, bless her heart, took me on vacation in March, and we returned just as this covid thing hit. At that time, I started 3 fly tying classes in which I will contact those students with an update on how best to make up those classes. Then things went crazy. Fast forward 8 months and here we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Throw in a tumultuous presidential race, and when you think things couldn’t get worse, they are. But, thinking on the positive side of life, there is fly tying! WOO WHO!

To that end, I am soliciting 2 students per session (due to social distancing), for my Annual Holiday Ornament Fly Tying Class. Please read the flyer below for the great majority of the details, and please feel free to contact me at:

Tim Au-Young

for any comments, inquiries, or questions.

COST: $30 for people who have not taken either the Novice or Beyond the Basics Fly Tying Classes. If you have taken any or either of the fly tying classes, there is a $5 discount, so cost is $25 to include a bulb of any size or shape, plus all materials. The glass or plastic bulbs are on SALE now at Michaels Craft Stores, and they are 30-40% off of retail. I suggest the medium size round bulbs. They come in packages of 4-6, or individually. Last year, there was a package of 6 medium size bulbs for $10 retail, with a 30-40% discount. Please note - as soon as they run out, they receive no more bulbs, so first come first served. If you are serious about doing this, and giving them away to family and friends, I would strongly suggest getting as many as you need as soon as possible, but the limited inventory getting closer to Christmas may put a crimp in to your style!

FYI - It takes me after getting set up about 20 minutes to tie the fly, then another 20 minutes to insert it in the bulb, put ribbon on it in coordination with the colors of your fly, and then write with a gold felt marker on it addressing to whomever. SO, if you are giving them away, you definitely need to start tying as soon as possible.

If you find out favorite colors of people who are going to be your recipients, it is really a special treat, BECAUSE, when was the last time you either:

1. received something hand made?
2. gave something away custom hand made?

I started out giving these to my favorite steelhead fishing buddies tying their favorite steelhead fly, and a 6 pack of their favorite beverage for Christmas. This process morphed into tying brightly colored steelhead flies for my wine maker friends at their wineries for sale, more retail sales, and then started doing classes to share this hand crafted gift giving thing which means a lot to people who you give annually.

Our maid of honor (wife’s best friend, from our wedding) has received one annually, and so for 23 years, she has received one bulb that she displays on a grape vine as part of her holiday celebration. (They live in Napa). Nieces, nephews, and sons/daughters of special friends also look forward each year as to what different special colors they will receive from Santa? Finding out friends professional sports teams colors also make a personal gift that is very memorable. SO, be creative and have fun!

I hope to see some/ALL of you during these crazy holiday times, as the store is open 10 AM to 5:30 PM Monday-Friday, and 10 AM to 4 PM Saturday and Sunday, closed on major holidays, and special hours maybe the day before those major holidays. I work Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, so if nothing else, come and say “HELLO”!

Happy tying, and fish on!