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Thread: Pit River Ruling Creek Campground PG & E

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    Default Pit River Ruling Creek Campground PG & E

    Anyone know when they / if they shut the PG & E campgrounds down on the Pit? I've got a trip planned early November. Site says that the closures are weather dependent.
    J. Ice
    If any one has a direct number I could call but I cant find one.

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    So...a lot of PGE property was never opened with covid closures this year. Not sure if Ruling Creek was opened or not. If it was, it is still open. You can camp there year round. I would call the sporting store in Burney and ask if they know. Of course there is another unimproved campground just downstream maybe a half mile/to a mile or so. No restroom or water but a picnic table or two and it’s free. Let us know if you go. Never got a trip up there this season and I miss that place. Fish On!


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