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    Things are looking a lot better here than they were a week ago. The air quality index is under 100 and the sky is somewhat bluish. Hopefully things are improving where you are and all the firefighters are hanging in there. That has got to be a tough job. I was hiking once and talked to a prison crew that was out training for the fire season. They said they were making about a dollar an hour.

    The bass have been pretty happy the last few days. The morning top water bite seems to be tapering off but I started fishing a minnow imitation which is working and gives me a break from the top water. I may need to make an effort to catch a striper soon. Casting and stripping for stripers is difficult sitting down in the kayak but we will see.

    My new minnow.

    A minnow caught fish.

    A nice top water fish in Beachjumpers canoe.

    A chunk of a fish.

    Smokey day.

    A lot of cattle in this part of Delta.
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    Nice ! Clearer here, too, the last few days. I guess the smoke is blowing east, for now anyway. Not good news for Yosemite and Seki NP's, though.


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