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Thread: Yellow Creek

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    I was at Yellow Creek in late June 2019. I caught a couple of small browns in the meadow right off the main road. At that time, they were just getting ready to open up the campground for use. It looked like it was in good shape with a husband and wife team of camp hosts in attendance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loose_shoes View Post
    From what I understand fishing is essentially 'zilch' on Yellow Creek nowadays.

    There are probably many interlocking and complicated reasons for the situation but here is one possible piece of the puzzle.

    The trout conservation groups some years ago put up a fence along Yellow Creek to keep the cows out of the stream and improve the habitat. Great! It worked perfectly. No more cows and no more stream degradation and all the problems that come with large livestock smashing through small streams.

    However, our old friend, the Law of Unintended Consequences came to extract his due.

    That big, beautiful bovine-baffling barrier provided the perfect environment for our avian pals to gather for a picnic. All those fence posts and the long, straight wires between them just a few yards from the stream gave every insect eating bird a made-to-order perch to pick off any and all bugs that had the bad luck to get anywhere near the creek. It wasn't too many seasons before the insect population in Yellow Creek could no longer sustain itself and collapsed and that likely took the fish population down as collateral damage.

    Well, that's the theory anyway. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes well-intentioned, single-solution conservation ain't so simple.
    Great report!


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    Default Check campground status before heading for the hills.

    A friend and I were in the Lake Almanor area on Saturday and saw a sign along Highway 89 near Prattville indicating that the Yellow Creek campground was still closed. Closures apparently also remain in effect for a number of other campgrounds in the area - only about 50% were shown as NOT being "temporarily closed" by Google maps, including the one on the North Fork of the Feather upstream from Chester where we were planning to camp. We ended up camping downstream of Caribou on the North Fork instead, with lots of company.


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