I talked with Dave on Tuesday evening after he returned from fishing SMB on Lake Berryessa.

He says on average, March, April, May is hist favorite time to fish there.

Dave retire about 18 years ago and has been fishing for bass in large reservoirs around Sacramento.

Dave has a 17' outboard skiff with a bow mounted electric motor he bought new when he retired.

Dave says he uses a 9' #4 line rod with a very fast sinking full line......WF6S7.

He uses a 7 1/2' ox leader with 12# FC tippet and his favorite fly is the Midnight Cowboy #10.

It has a copper bead, black crystal chenille body, black hackle with some flash and lead wire weighted too.

Even though he hooked 19 and landed 14 he thinks that it is almost over for this year.

He will be going to Englebright Reservoir next which has a SMB and trout population.


Maybe 30 years ago Bill Lynch and Chuck Bobby told me in the Spring they fished from an outboard skiff

along the step banks of Berryessa with medium size white poppers with good success. I still want o go try it some Spring.