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Thread: Southwest Wyoming/Northeast Utah/Southwest Idaho trout ideas...?

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    Default Southwest Wyoming/Northeast Utah/Southeast Idaho trout ideas...?

    We are going to take a road trip over the week of the 4th and go visit some family in Logan, Utah. We will fish the Logan River and tributaries for a few days out of their house and Bear Lake cabin, but are looking for a few days on our own thereafter.

    We know about the Star Valley area and of course the Green River in Rock Springs area as options...but wondering about other possibilities that we should pay attention to as well. We prefer options for dry fly fishing on small streams, but ideally also hitting smaller streams that have some "bigger" fish.

    We would be open to maybe doing a guided day, but also looking for solid DIY possibilities for walk and wade.

    The goal would be to find something within a 2-3 hour drive of Bear Lake or Logan, and that would be less than a 13 hour drive from Sacramento for considerations about getting home in one day at the end of the trip. We aren't too keen to go to Jackson/Yellowstone because of the possibility of crowds.

    Happy to receive any feedback by public postings or private messages...
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    Easier for me to speak with you. PM me with your number if you'd like.
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