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Thread: Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show update - Feb 21-23, 2020

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    Default Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show update - Feb 21-23, 2020

    Found this post on Dan Blanton's message board:


    Pleasanton Update

    Posted by Bennett Mintz on 2020-02-10 11:41:24

    The Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show – Feb. 21-23 – will have 25 Classes With The Experts. Class registration is $85 and includes admission to the show that day.

    Classes include those by Dr. Gary Borger, Phil Rowley, Ed Engle, Landon Mayer, Mac Brown, Tim Flagler, Jason Randall, and Wendy Gunn. Class availability with schedules may be found on the Fly Fishing Show website.

    Visit or phone (814) 443-3638.

    Fly casting demonstrations are scheduled by Borger, Brown, Mayer, Gunn, Brian O’Keefe and Jeff Currier. The show’s re-designed casting ponds are now constructed of a new material that eliminates plastic waste while increasing the visual appeal.

    Featured fly tiers include Dan Blanton, Borger, Flagler, Engle, Devin Olsen, Rob Anderson and Rowley.

    Among the 50 Destination Theater presentations are programs on the Truckee River, Stillwater Presentation, Mongolia, the Kanektok River in Alaska, Peacock Bass in the Amazon, Fishing Australia, The Best of Baja, and Northern Nevada’s Pyramid Lake.

    More than $50,000 in Fly Fishing Show door prizes are up for grabs highlighted by an $11,000 value trip to an outer atoll in the Seychelles.


    Dan Blanton's Fly Fishing message board:
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    Should be a great show, looking forward to it myself. This will be the first time having a booth at the Pleasanton show.
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