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Thread: Lost Coast

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    We did the Lost Coast (Mattole - Usal) with a group of Scouts in 2015, what a fabulous trip. Virtually every little stream in that stretch had steelhead and coho fry and smolts in them. It was amazing to see that, no matter how we try to screw things up, those populations were hanging on. The spawning area on all of them is no more than a couple of hundred yards long, and in many places much shorter.

    I did bring a fly rod for the northern half of the trip, but left it with the friends who resupplied us at Shelter Cove. I got the biggest Barred Surfperch of my life on that trip, but they were few and far between. I wish I hadnít chosen to leave my rod. At Little Jackass Beach (the first beach north of Usal, and one of my all time favorite campsites) there were huge schools of smelt right in the surf line, being chased by seals and river otters and getting dumped on the beach by every breaker. Iíve always wondered what else might have been chasing them...

    Itís a spectacular 65 mile hike. The Sinkyone Wilderness trails are pretty rough in spots, there is a TON of poison oak, and the humidity has got to be 70% up in the redwood forests 1000í above the ocean, but itís worth every discomfort.

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    Wonderful post Wayne....thanks........any photos left from that trip?

    What a great adventure for those Scouts.
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    That sounds like a great time. Probably 7 or 8 days hiking. I just did the north half. I now am thinking I need to do the whole thing. There is a five mile road gap between the north and south halves. The shuttle operator will meet you and drive you over that and I assume bring your food resupply box. He said walking that road section was not safe - no shoulder and lots curves and traffic.

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    Great shots. I've spent a lot of time in the Ventana. It is exactly as you say. You have to have a taste for suffering to enjoy it, but it is wild and remote in places.

    I've only been to the Lost Coast once, on a trip with a group in May in the early part of the century. Got rained on heavily during the last day and a half, but it had its moments. I've heard the surf fishing can be fun, but I prefer bootfit waders in Norcal surf, which would be kind of a drag to pack.


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