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Thread: CFFU on July 25, 2019, Tech Thursday, Entomology Class / BBQ, 6 PM

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    Default CFFU on July 25, 2019, Tech Thursday, Entomology Class / BBQ, 6 PM

    California Fly Fishers Unlimited - Sacramento fly club on July 25, 2019, Tech Thursday, Entomology Class/BBQ, 6 PM

    WHEN : JULY 25, 2019, THURSDAY, 6-9 PM

    Hello all! I hope that this nice warm weather is getting you adjusted for the real weather to come as it heats up here in the Central Valley.

    First, I want to apologize for not have the SIGN UP SHEET for this event at the last General Meeting. In the light of my major "fo paw” I am taking your SIGN UP on line, to me here, so PLEASE sign up, and plan to attend.

    Second, if you are attending, here are some reminders about the event:

    1. The cost per person is $10, to be payable at the event. This fee pays for CFFU providing the cheeseburgers, hamburgers, hot dogs/polish, and water/soda, for the main course
    2. Cost for entry to the park access, $5, unless you have a pass
    3. This event is a “Potluck Style” event, PLEASE bring either an appetizer, salad, or dessert
    4. In the past, event attendance is 30–50 CFFU Members
    5. CFFU’s own illustrious member, Ken Davis,, Professional Aquatic Biologist, will lead the class with his trusty and charming Assistant, Laurie Banks. If by chance any of you have “bug collecting” equipment, you are welcomed to bring it as he will provide some equipment for the groups of bug seekers to use during the event.
    6. CFFU has enlisted Gary Howard to donate his “Liquid Gold”, so fear not, the event will be complete!
    7. CFFU’s very own Tech Thursday Director, Jeff Stephens, will double as “Chef”. He has only been doing these duties for the Sac Metro Fire Department for the last 100 years! He looks pretty darn good for being 125 years old…….
    8. Items to consider bringing:

    a. Sun block, sun screen, hat
    b. Sun glasses
    c. A chair to sit upon for dinner as there is no seating
    d. Boots for getting in to the water. If you plan to get in to the water past ankle depth, wet wading gear, pant waders, or even full chest waders will do the trick. The American River is still flowing very fast and cold, so wet wading may NOT be the best alternative !!!
    e. A favorite potluck food item
    f. Family member or friend as GUEST!
    g. Name badge

    This event has been a club fan favorite for well over 20 years. When I joined the club in 1996, and there was no BBQ, after the academic part of the event was over, the sun was just setting, and it was dinner time. Staring at other club members, with no food, beverage, or anything to do just did not get it, so I implemented the BBQ aspect of the event the following year, and it has stuck ever since.

    People arrive early, bring their #5 or #6 wt rods and fish caddis patterns before and after the event, so feel free to come out, practice your casting while trying to fool a fish. Enjoy the environment.

    Attending this event is one option for a pre-requisite in the Coachman Award Program.

    Please sign up here, and share with other CFFU club members to sign up.

    I guarantee that:
    1. You will learn a lot about the invertebrates on the American River (THANK YOU KEN AND LAURIE!)
    2. Walk/waddle away full, thanks to dietary foodstuffs/beverages available
    3. Have a great time intermingling with other CFFU members!

    For the cost of getting in to the park, and small donation to CFFU for the food, what more could one ask for? Don’t forget credit for the Coachman Award!

    Thanks a lot for reading this long e-mail, but it will be worth your time and effort to participate in this once a year CFFU event. Arrive and THANK the CFFU Board Members for doing what they feel makes this club one of the best fly fishing clubs in the greater Sacramento area.

    Fish on,

    Tim Au-Young
    Ken Davis
    Laurie Banks
    Jeff Stephens
    Mary Ellen Mueller
    Bill Kiene (Boca Grande)

    567 Barber Street
    Sebastian, Florida 32958

    Fly Fishing Travel Consultant
    Certified FFF Casting Instructor

    Cell: 530/753-5267

    Contact me for any reason........

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    I unfortunately missed this event. It would have been great as I mostly fish the American as one would a trout stream, focusing mainly on caddis and mayfly patterns, and tying flies that (hopefully) represent what I find in the stream -- mostly small/medium green and brown/tan caddis (but also various small mayflies and midges).

    Can anyone recommend a good book or article on the Lower American's entomology? E.g., are the green caddis Ryacophila or Hydrospyche (I think the latter due to their net-spinning and body shape)? Are those PMD's, BWO's and trico's I sometimes see?

    we deliver the river


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