198A is an terrible idea, and I told the State so. This part of the Tuolumne has always been open year round, but most of it it used to be only 2 fish UNDER 12" could be killed, only in summer. What people don't understand is that a 20" fish (and there are a bunch of them here, shhhh) weighs 8 times as much as a 10" fish and, therefore, removing it has 8 times as much impact on the biomass of fish. 8 times as much fish mass removal over 2 times as much season means we are potentially increasing the take by 16 times! On unplanted water, it will be ruined, at least near the easier access.

There will be another chance to comment. "The next opportunity for public review of a revised package will be available through the California Fish and Game Commission. This will begin in August and end December, 2019. " Please put it on your calendar. If you fish, it's your duty to advocate.