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Thread: Looking for people interested in joining me on future fishing trips

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    Default Looking for people interested in joining me on future fishing trips

    My new year's resolution is to spend 1-night camping in the wilderness, and 1 fish in hand a month. I do a lot of backpacking in NorCal, including winter trips, and I bring my fly rod with me on most 3 season trips to try my hand at some alpine lakes. most of my dedicated fishing time is spent when Iím at my cabin up in Idaho, not so much in Cali. Also, none of my friends really fish, I have one or two who Iíve talked into learning, but when we go, it's mostly me being their guide and helping them, so I don't get the time I need to practice and learn on the water.

    I'd like to change that.

    Iím hoping to do a trip the weekend of 2/23, hence why Iím here: any recommendations on where to go for trout in the greater NorCal area this time of year, and is anyone interested in meeting up to do some fishing?

    In case it helps with destination selection, i have a 9' 5wt for dries, indicator nymphing & streamers, and a 10' 3wt euro nymphing rod. I also have a 4x4 truck and plenty of room for people & gear

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    With the recent storms, low elevation rivers will be blown, and lots of the lakes muddy. If your time allows, the coast north of Eureka for sea run cuts might be a good bet in the estuaries. If the ocean is fairly flat, you might even be able to chase surf perch on the beach near Crescent City. Just my $0.02. I suppose ice fishing might be an option, but I’ve never been a big fan of snow camping.

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    Lots of winter camping videos.....on YouTube
    Bill Kiene

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    Hope your trip went well. I don't know how the rains, new for me this year, would have affected your
    catch. Fishing is always good. You probably had to go up river, high for best clarity, but that's okay, easier to
    fish than big water.

    You are most likely in the salmon-steelhead capital of California. Right in your neighborhood you have the
    Sacramento R. and next door the American R. How sweet can it get. Just below Hazel ave. or rather
    the fish hatchery. Maybe Sailor bar? Best of all, the Sponsor of this board has the stuff to make a great
    day out of a so so day. Be sure and visit them!

    Good luck to you in the next 20-21 days as the season winds down. Time to get ready for trout season.

    Best Regards, gene

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    Default best fish finders

    Can anyone pick out for me the best broker among those listed on this site?


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