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Thread: Great service from Orvis

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    Default Great service from Orvis

    Sent back a Mach VI reel for servicing less than 2 weeks ago to Orvis. Got it back today working great and they even included a new cover. Hoping it lasts another decade! Been on my Spey rod for a long time. Happy customer!
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    All of my interactions with Orvis have always been positive. Most recently it was Pam Champine and her staff at the rod shop who managed to fine the hardware so that a new 3 1/2" butt extension could be made for my 1984 nine foot six inch Light Salmon rod. I had originally been told that there was no chance at all for any of the aluminum stock that the corks were mounted on to be found.

    I'm like a bug that just won't leave you alone when it comes to such matters so I looked for the person in charge. That person was Pam, a very pleasant lady who can handle a bug circling her without swatting at it. I ask for a general search through parts archives and behold, one was found!

    I love that old rod and having a longer extension makes short 2 hand casts a snap

    I was so happy that I sent a letter to the CEO of the company.


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