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Thread: Local guide who lost it all to theivery could use some brotherly love...

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    Default Local guide who lost it all to theivery could use some brotherly love...

    OR maybe it was thievery...

    Hello fellow friends and anglers...

    I do not personally know this fly fishing guide but after reading about his very sad turn of events, I felt inclined to help him.

    Please take a moment to read the article below and if you feel so inclined, either make a small donation and/or share the page with others you may know in the community.

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    I saw Greg’s post about this last night too. What I did not grasp from either post was that he really did just loose everything! I rarely have much money for donating to worthy causes like this, as I tend to squander all available funds for fishing gear and trips, but Jon really could use a bit of a boost here to get his feet back under him. My wife and I both made small contributions, and would urge others to read the full account on the gofundme page.

    I hope the thieves are caught too!
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    How can we not help Jon? I to, have never hired Jon to guide me, but we have talked, chatted, and emailed about fishing so many times. His passion for his profession is real and genuine. I have only met him a couple of times in person and he is such a great person. Let us all do what we can to get him back up and doing what he does best, being a great guide. I do not know how to reach him in this transition, but I know he reads this board.
    Lets all dig a bit into out wallets and gear and help him out. Donate something guys, $$’s, a rod, reel, line, whatever. Any chance we flyfishers can make Kiene’s a drop off place that Jon can retreive our gear donations? If this is possible, let us on this great forum know. I will be traveling to Sacramento on Saturday and will bring some extra gear down to donate.
    Jon, if you read this, PM me. I may have some temporary free lodging to offer you.
    You flyfishing equipment reps, please do what you can do too! Lets pay it forward. Karma will reward all that will help him thru this difficult time.
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    Jon is a tireless guide who gives it all to his clients and the industry. Our thoughts, support, and dollars go out to him!

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    UPDATE: The authorities have some very strong leads regarding my truck and gear.
    I cannot share the details at this time as it would comprise the case. I will be in Truckee for the next few days staying at some friends houses and meeting with council to plan a road map for the next few months or more. I'm completely blown away by all the support from all of you, it has been a real eye opener on just how much my presence in fly fishing and life has meant to you all. Thank you, lots of love to everyone - I'm one lucky dude! - J.
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    Done! Thanks for bringing this situation to our attention. I've not had the opportunity to meet Jon personally, but I've appreciated his advocacy for Lake Davis, Frenchmans Lake and other fisheries in the along the SR70 and SR49 corridor.

    I'm sure everyone on this Forum has had to adjust to a few "curveballs" along the way. In any event, glad to help.

    All the best.
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