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Thread: Federal Government Rejects Loan for Twin Tunnel Project (CA WaterFix)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian View Post
    Well,.... To be fair, growers do produce a variety of crops down there. I can still buy all of the agricultural products (including nuts) at all of the stores I frequent. So, they do grow food we can eat.

    The major problem with increased pumping, is that water is a commodity to be sold/traded by water contractors like Westlands or the Kern County Water Bank (owned/controlled by the Resnicks) to willing buyers for profit (buy low from the state/sell higher to buyers).
    Fair? I don't want to be fair, are they being fair with our water?

    Darian, you are right, we do grow a lot of spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots, corn and other crops too in the central valley and those mostly are for us. But, a lot is export too. However, those crops aren't high water demand crops.... The majority of all of the nuts(high water demand crops) processed are for export... Sure we get some Blue Diamond Almonds and some pistachios...

    Look, I do not begrudge farmers the ability to farm and make a profit. I am in the ag business and I deal with a lot of the growers/processors in the valley. But, I do begrudge the Chevron's, the Shell's, and the Resnick's of the valley for their greed at the expense of OUR environment..... Along with the Nestle's, and Coca Cola's and the Pepsi Co's.... how they were all still allowed to bottle water whilst we were in the midst of another drought is beyond me....

    Darian your 100% right about water being a commodity....... it shouldn't be! Unfortunately, it will remain so for a while longer too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodman View Post
    The majority of California residents live at the other end of the California Aqueduct.
    And, sadly too many "northern residents" (older and younger-future generations) are more interested in having their faces in a screen staring at what their "fb friends" are having for lunch vs. the loss of natural resources, salmon, habitat, and the complexities of the privatization of a public trust natural resource; water.
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