October is a pretty safe month to fish almost anywhere on the Klamath River.

Get out very early and fish again right up till sunset. Mid-day can be slower especially if it is sunny.

Drive along it until you see cars parked and maybe boats drifting.

Orleans to Happy Camp has lots of good water.

All you need is a #6 weight rod with a good weight forward floating line, 9' 1x leader and some #10 wet flies.

If there are a lot of fish in your area you will see them playing in the surface.

If you get up there and hit it good you will be going for decades.

In the late summer / early Fall at my shop we would get people in who fished the Klamath every Fall.

We had great BS sessions about our love for the river and the good trips we had there.

If you want to start fishing the Klamath River for half-pounders and some small to medium sized adults contact me for help.

You can get some experience fly fishing for Half-pounders in the Fall and Spring on the Lower American River.