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Thread: Switch rod versus Spey rod choice

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    +1 on the light spey rods. They are lots of fun.

    I got an 11' 9" 3 wt this fall for use the Yuba. I have a 10' 9" switch for the same grain lines but I find that I like the extra length much better. I'm using a 270 gr Rio short scandi head and, with touch and go casts, it'll throw weighted alevin patterns with a 5' sinking polyleader just fine. I've got a 300 gr Skagit and tips for heavier stuff but haven't needed/tried it yet. With higher water now, I may just break that head out this weekend.

    I'm with Mark, I pretty much swing and/or strip. You could probably use it for indicator nymphing with the right line but I have enough fun doing the swing thing.

    Full disclaimer, I carry a 4 weight rod with a floating line with me for Baetis or Skwalla dry flies this time of year too.
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