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Thread: Demo Burkheimer Rods

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    Default Demo Burkheimer Rods

    Friends and Burkheimer Aficianados,

    Due to a snafu with shipping company, the rods will not arrive until Monday. So I will not have any available tomorrow or Sunday.
    If you live in the SF Bay Area and can meet later in the afternoon at GGACC or Oakland give me a call 415-601-0070. I will try to meet you.

    Will try again for a weekend in January. Maybe have some 6s by then.

    I have obtained a small quiver of Burkheimer Spey Rods which I will have available for Demo at the GGACC (Golden Gate Park casting ponds) on Saturday Dec 7 in the late morning through late afternoon.

    I will be at the Oakland Casting Club ponds on Sunday morning Dec 8. Feel free to join me and cast the Burkie rods. I will have some lines available but bring any lines you might want to cast as I mainly have the lines that I use most for my personal fishing.

    A partial list of rods that will be available:

    5115-4, 7134-4, 8121-5*, 8139-4, 8142-4 and 9144-5*

    Note the new 5 piece rods.

    This quiver features primarily the stronger 8 wt sticks that you need for winter fishing with sink tips and big flies, or for inclement conditions when an 8 wt is what you need to deal with wind and weather or when the odds are that you will encounter big fish, like most fish in British Columbia (even summer runs).

    If you are interested in casting Burkheimer rods as I am able to receive them, please respond to my email and I will keep you on my email list.

    **Burkheimer rods are carried at Kienes, and any rod not currently available in the shop can be custom ordered through the shop**

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    Brian Endlich

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    Thanks Brian/Cal

    Burkheimer rods are high respected by all.
    Bill Kiene (Boca Grande)

    567 Barber Street
    Sebastian, Florida 32958

    Fly Fishing Travel Consultant
    Certified FFF Casting Instructor

    Cell: 530/753-5267

    Contact me for any reason........

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    Thanks for dropping by the Oakland Casting ponds with the Burkies. Sure glad there was a limited amount of guys wishing to cast them. The 7 wt 13'3" was a dream to cast. For the guys that stuck around, I am sure they appreciated it. Sorry you had to leave to go back to work. Dd not realize it was a lunch time thing only.


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