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Thread: Custom wood fly boxes!

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    Default Custom wood fly boxes!

    Got some more boxes!

    Figured Black walnut has been my most popular seller. I sold 16 walnut boxes last month!

    So by popular demand, heres some gorgeous new Walnut boxes.

    These first four are 4x6" and are $90 ea.

    Walnut #1

    Walnut #2

    Walnut #3

    Walnut #4

    Thes two are 4x6" Spalted Maple. $90.
    These are just incredibly beautiful! My favorite of the domestic woods.

    Spalted #1

    Spalted #2

    I still have one 4x6" African Padauk. $90. Gorgeous color!

    Curly Maple. 3x5" $70. This is grade A Curly Maple and has wicked 3D grain that'll blow your mind!

    Curly Red Oak 3x5" $70. This is the last of this very popular wood! Insane 3D grain!

    Mahogany. 3x5" $90. Mayfly engraving. **SOLD**

    These next boxes are my pocket boxes. They are 3x5". Very unique pivot hinge construction. Perfect for the smallest vest pocket or even your shirt pocket. Only 7/8" thick.

    These are $50 each or $90 for two.

    Gorgeous figured black walnut & figured cherry

    These are Granadillo & Hickory **One left**

    Monterillo & Maple

    Curly Maple & Black Walnut

    Zebra wood & Figured Cherry

    Purpleheart & Figured Cherry

    Please use email for purchase.

    All boxes are available with your choice of my signature rippled cork or Millstream rippled foam inserts.

    Thank you!

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    Interested in a couple. Long term what is the most effective way to maintain these?

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    Theres little to no maintanance. They are finished with 3-4 coats of marine grade varnish inside and out. It helps to use barbless hooks for the longevity of the inserts.
    I only recommend being careful with exposure to extreme conditions. An example would be keeping it in a rainsoaked vest and throwing in a hot car trunk for a week. It is wood, so this kind of treatment has the potential to change its shape.

    Bottom line is, I tell people to just plain use em.


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