I waded the Lower Sac on Saturday afternoon with my buddy Mike Mercer. We fished together constantly back in the 70's on Chico Creek and other local waters. He caught more fish than me then and the gap has only grown wider! I landed 4 fat rainbows that averaged 19" - Mike landed many more even though he gave me first shot at all the best water. It was a blast, but I was humbled. It's the first time I've fished the Lower Sac and it was fascinating. I fish the American, Yuba, and Truckee regularly. The flows were 6,500 - low for that river. It's obvious why so many people float the Lower Sac. The fish are amazing, and wade access is difficult. You really need to know where to go and must be careful - the current is strong. The water itself is cold, clear, and quite beautiful. Most of the best water you just can't reach without a boat.

I apologize for poor quality of this photo. I was standing in 3' of water and was afraid to take my phone/camera out of the zip lock baggy. Obviously it's not optimal to take a photo through a sheet of plastic! From the measure net you may be able to notice this fish is almost 19" long. The photo doesn't due it justice. All the fish were pigs.