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Thread: One day on the Klamath River could......

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    Default One day on the Klamath River could......

    .........change your life forever.

    A few weeks ago we had a very nice young married couple come into the shop for some help with their Steelhead trip to the Klamath River. This guys wife had set up a one day guided jet boat trip on the Lower Klamath River for his birthday present. That's my kind of woman. She was going along to take pictures and enjoy the day with him.

    He had recently purchased a larger single handed outfit with a floating line from us as he explained to me that he was moslty a trout fisherman up until now. I picked out a selection of good Klamath River Steelhead patterns for him. I also sold him a 10 foot faster sinking Poly/Versi leader and some 2x tippet.

    I told him if all went well he would be a different person after that day.

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    He returned yesterday with photos of his special day on the Klamath River. They left in a jet boat with guide from Klamath Glen and fished their way up to Blue Creek. He had photos taken by his lovely wife that showed some of his catch that day swinging flies for the first time for Steelhead.

    He landed two fresh run Silver Salmon well over 5 pounds each and about 11 Half-pounders that day.

    He said he is changed forever and is now a Steelhead maniac too.

    He is headed this weekend to the Trinity River in search of one more Steelhead...............

    This is what I enjoy about my job.

    Bill Kiene

    Fly fishing travel consultant
    Certified FFF Casting Instructor
    Cell: 530/753-5267

    Contact me for any reason........

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    That's a great story. I agree, working at a place where you can help people enjoy their hobby/passion is very fulfilling........ catching steelhead is also very fulfilling
    Limit Your Kill - Don't Kill Your limit

    Adam Grace
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