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Thread: Time to head north for some nice fall SH

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    Default Time to head north for some nice fall SH

    Had a good report from the Rogue River.

    Just had a good report from the middle Trinity.

    Heard there are steelhead in the Lower Feather.
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    I spent last week up on the Klamath, Orleans area, I must of caught around 30 half pounders and one adult that broke off. Everyone was on the swing too,in the afternoon they could be caught in the rapids. I stoped in at the Eureka Fly shop and bought some double roller stone flies from Mike, great shop by the way. Silver Hiltons ,Brindel bugs, Herniators they all caught fish. Lots of fun with great weather. Only sad note was this was the first time I couldn't bring my dog Tobbs he has diabetes and is blind, I missed him. One evening I tied on a muddler and picked up 2. Yeah now is a good time to go.


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