Well it has been a while since I last made a report on the board. I hope everyone was able to get in some good high country fishing in this summer. It is about that time where the fishing in the valley is getting really good. Our salmon friends are making their way into the river systems and it wont be long before the famous egg bite is in full swing. Below is a first hand report of what I have seen on the river in the last week.

Yuba: The Yuba is just about to explode. I have had some really good days of nymphing with egg paterns, caddis, and small baetis patterns. The last couple of trips out there I have been hooking 25-30 rainbows per day. The fish are not really dialed into eggs yet but there are a handful starting to look for them. Not much salmon there yet but they are starting to make their way up. On saturday I only saw 5 salmon and Tuesday I saw 25ish. The only thing is that the majority of the salmon are still below Sycamore holding in the deep water. So those fish will be traveling over the next week. I would expect the egg bite to start in about 7-10 days on the Yuba.

Lower Sac: The Sac is fishing pretty average right now with most days resulting in 20-25 rainbows to the boat. If you are fishing the upper parts of the drift from Posse Grounds to Anderson there are a couple small windows when most of the fish are being caught. The grabby periods of the day have been from 11AM-1PM and 4PM-Dark. So if you are out there all day there are going to be some dry spells. Even with the lulls in the fishing you can still get a random strike per spot but its really hard to get more than that. The hot flies have been pupahs, small olive baetis, flashback pts, and birds nest. The salmon are starting to show up in strong numbers on the lower river. There are a handful on the upper drifts but the majority of the fish are down by Battle Creek. Expect the egg bite to be in full swing in a couple of weeks.

For those of you that are looking to do a trip this fall on the Lower Sac or Feather my openings are very limited at this point. Currently the only dates that I have open in the next 2 months are Nov. 19-20, 24-30. For those of you that are looking to get in some late season steelhead and trout fishing in then now is the email before those dates are gone. If you have family coming in for Thanksgiving then why not treat them to a guided fishing trip. Email me at ryan@rjsflytrips.com.

Thanks for all the support guys!