The Ward fire is above Sims on the Upper Sac -- 100% contained and much smaller than the Bagley on the McCloud.

Official comments (plus map): "The fire is 100% contained, and now the crews will work on gaining full control of the fire."

More importantly, the Bagley fire along the McCloud. According to the Ted Fay Fly Shop: "I talked to the US Forest Service folksin Mt. Shasta a short while ago and they are saying the access to Ah Di Na and Preserve is weeks away from opening. There is major cleanup, some fire suppression work, and erosion protection to be done. It doesn't look good for the fall for anyone getting down there."

Here are some official comments:

"Water quality and fisheries continue to be a major concern for suppression repair efforts along the McCloud River."

"Planned Actions: ...Concentrate on suppression repair efforts to minimize future sediment issues due to runoff into the McCloud River corridor."

"Unburned islands within the fire perimeter continue to burnout and fire is slowing backing down toward the McCloud River on the northern part of the fire. The McCloud River is being utilized as a containment line on that section of the fire."

In case you wondered what fly fishing with Satan would be like:
"Green island of fuels inside the perimeter of Divisions B and E continued to slowly burn out. Low surface fires in Division G continue to burn, with hot rolling material backing down steep slopes into the McCloud River. Generally, smoke on the fire is being generated by deeply imbedded heat within thick duff, stump holes and large fuels."

Here's a good/huge map (I couldn't figure out how to shrink it):