I had the pleasure of not guiding today and doing a free float with guide Keith Scott. There was light angling fishing pressure on the river and water temps ran 52.9-55 degrees. No hatches but the salmon have started to do their thing and redds are starting to develop. Though we did not fish any egg patterns, the egg drop has started.

Learning just how these boat guides run their bobber rigs was interesting to say the least, this type of fishing is work! But I had about a dozen grabs landing 8, rainbows ran 10-16". Effective patterns were Jimmy rubber legs, military mays, and copper johns.

In the afternoon we played the dry game with a hopper and I was surprised to get 6 grabs landing two, one fish may have been 18" but I did not get a real good look at it before it spit the hook. These fish were underneath riparian habitat in water with some depth associated with it.

Thanks Keith! I had a great day and learned a bunch. It's been 14 years since I've been on a drift boat and it showed, so much damn rust I'm still shaking some off here at the desk. That's ok, there's more trips planned.