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    Hey All,
    I am taking my old man, who is visiting from Michigan, up to the Trinity next week March 7-9. Would it be foolish to drive a two wheel drive RV that does poorly in the snow ice? And, do you have any suggestions as to where to camp and fish? We will be wading, no drift boat.

    Paddle Fly

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    Hey PF
    Should not be a problem in the 2x RV-just take her slow....
    Upper river would be the place I would head-Doug City on up-unlimited walk in spots in this section.
    Lots of good camp spots down Steiner Flat Rd. out of D.C.
    Good luck and good on you for taking the old man out-wish I had done that more while he was mobile.

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    Default South Fork Klamath

    In your RV(size?) you might be better served to fish Junction City and below. More roadside pullouts, and it will be easier to keep one eye on the RV. There are two or three decent campgrounds that are more likely to have other campers/fishers there too. An RV all alone by itself in an isolated area(DC) might be too tempting for some to pass up.

    DC has areas to access in an RV, but I'd be nervous about leaving an unattended RV down there. There are good fishing spots, but in an RV you will have to leave your vehicle and do a bit of hiking because you will not be able to access some of the spots that require a smaller/4x4 vehicle. Down towards the end of SF Road, it comes back to the river, but it also turns to dirt(mud?) and clearance might be an issue.

    Steel Bridge area might work as there is a good campground at the end of the road and it's a better neighborhood. Much safer to leave the RV and hoof it to spots in that area. The road is tighter than SF, but there are 3-4 spots that will be safe to park and walk.

    (Not tryin' to dis the locals because the vast majority are good people, as I have never had a problem, but there are enough tales from others to make one nervous. Not so much in the fall, but in the winter when boredom sets in...)

    Post a report!

    Good Luck with Dad!
    Cheers, JGB
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    I concur with JGB. The Steiner Flat area near DC might be a little too rough for an RV. You're probably much better off heading down from JC. There is much more access near the highway as well as a couple USFS campgrounds and some RV resorts (Big Foot Campground and Del Loma RV park).

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the info gents, however now I am a little sketched about the potential for break ins. Does anyone know if they are still seeing fresh steelhead up there?



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    Paddle, I'm up here now, and it is beautiful, quiet, but a little slow.
    Virtually no boats on the river, and few cars in the pullouts.
    Heard of a nice fish or two still being caught.
    Had a friend turn one steely yesterday, a short was probably headed downstream...
    Have been nymphing with local bugs. March browns, Skwallas, Rubber leggs, BWO's.
    Swinging streamers for the next few days....
    Got a couple of inches of snow both the last two days.
    They get right on the plow thing, and the road is fine for an RV.
    Campground we hiked down to near DC, was still closed. Might be a bit tight/muddy on/off Steiner flat.
    Saw some risers there (Skwallas maybe).
    Water temps have fallen a bit, and the flows have gone up slightly (more green than clear).
    We will see......
    I may not post for awhile, due to few internet connections, to catch.
    Good luck on your trip.

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